«Great things are made grandiose means. One nature makes a great gift».


Realities of the modern world makes everyone think about something new. Everything is constantly changing, improving. All over the world aspire to security, resource conservation, improve the return per unit of investment. We constantly think, calculate,simultaneously spend less and at the same time make our dwelling place more comfortable. Why, then, in the majority of Ukrainian agriculture technologies remain at the level of 70 years of the last century?

Modern farmers often operate on the principle of "do as a neighbor" or "whole life did give parents and harvest."But it is worth considering that the world has changed and the farmers there is no longer possible, nor the means to pour into the ground with tons of mineral fertilizers (as before, in the times of the USSR).

In the XXI century, more than ever is the question of preservation and renewal of soil fertility. Today, the farmer does not improve its production, very quickly losing the initiative in the market and remains behind.

Organic fertilizer

What lies behind these words? Fad or new real economic management model of agriculture? Organic farming. Yesterday - it's bold experiments innovators single, today - this is a promising direction and a stable income. The intensification of agriculture of Ukraine, the role of organic fertilizers, which not only supply plant nutrients, but also provide a means to improve soil structure and water-air and thermal regimes, reducing the harmful effects of soil acidity on plant growth, stimulate the activity of microorganisms. Organic fertilizers - fertilizers,which are biologically active substance with a set of micro and macro, are beneficial to the overall development of the plants.

The advantage of using:

  • provides an environmentally friendly crop;
  •  helps to improve soil structure and moisture retention;
  • increases the activity of micro-organisms;
  • is a natural source of essential micro and macro;
  • helps to restore soil fertility and active growth of plants;
  • increases plant resistance to disease.

Organic fertilizers should be considered as a powerful stimulant, like vitamins in relation to the animal organism. The activity of all cells of the plant. As a result of increasing energy cells optimized physicochemical properties of protoplasm, intensifies metabolism, photosynthesis, respiration, protein synthesis and carbon. As a result, cell division is accelerated, and hence improves the overall growth of plants. The application of organic fertilizers actively developed root system, enhanced root nutrition of plants, as well as the absorption of moisture.Increase in plant biomass and metabolic activation leads to increased accumulation of photosynthetic plants carbohydrates. Increases plant resistance to various diseases. Fertilizers are non-specific activators of the immune system. Along with this rise in the processing plant resistance to adverse environmental factors: extreme temperatures, waterlogging, strong wind.

Organic fertilizers - a healthy future of Ukraine. They contribute to:

  • restoration of soil physical properties, including the improvement of the mechanical structure of the soil;
  • recovery of biological soil characteristics, including the revival of bacterial communities, improve protective properties of the soil;
  • growing eco-friendly, which means healthy for all agricultural products;
  • reducing heavy metals,radionuclides and biotoksikantov in production;
  • obtaining food products with a high content of vitamins, hydrocarbons, proteins.

Also, the use of organic fertilizer reduces the cost of nitrogen fertilizer to 50%, with increased productivity/crops, improving crop quality by increasing gluten content, carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins.